Family & Friends

The return of a service member may create stress in the family at large. Just as a soldier’s spouse and children had to make considerable adjustments during their loved one’s absence, equally significant adjustments may be required upon a soldier’s return. Your family member returning from service may have witnessed unimaginable things in combat, and may be afraid or unwilling to talk about them, or just want to spare you from hearing about them.

Service members and their families do not always gain a firm grasp on how things have changed, or recognize the root causes of new feelings and behaviors. While everyone just hopes for a return to normal, there is almost always a need to recognize real changes in the family and to make adjustments. While many service members and families work these issues out on their own, others will benefit from the assistance of others.

The attitudes and behaviors that served your veteran and his or her comrades well in combat just don’t work at home, but they are not shed as easily as the uniform. Some events may have left troubling but treatable mental and psychological scars on your veteran.