Integrative Medicine

The Integrative Medicine Department at Highlands Hospital combines evidence based complementary and alternative medicine with traditional or western medicine.  “Integrative Medicine” thus refers to the synergistic blending of these two distinct types of care providing a more holistic approach to healing.

Integrative Medicine therapies are based on the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  The focus is on the whole person – physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.  Integrative Medicine involves nurturing touch, sensitive listening, comforting environment and social networking.

A partnership between patient/client and practitioner is essential to the healing process.  We are the coach and facilitator but the driving force to heal comes from the heart of each individual.  Integrative Medicine empowers each person with the skills to be in charge of his/her own health care.

The PTSD program at Highlands Hospital is designed to be gentle yet powerful using learned techniques to deal with stress and negative emotions.  A few of the modalities that we use are breathing techniques, progressive relaxation and guided imagery, bio-energy techniques, and  HealthRHYTHMS drumming.

Integrative medicine is not the same as alternative medicine, which refers to an approach of healing that is utilized in place of conventional therapies. Integrative medicine refers to using healing modalities that complement allopathic approaches. Health Care can be Integrative regardless of which modality is used. Strategies are used to consider the patient’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances; using the most appropriate evidenced based interventions from an array of scientific disciplines to rectify illness and disease whilst assisting the patient in regaining and maintaining optimum health.