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Home page of Military Pathways, a free, voluntary, anonymous, mental health and alcohol education screening program offered to military personnel and their families. This site offers: a detailed anonymous mental health self-assessment tool that will help determine if you may benefit from evaluation and treatment; videos and articles to help military families adjust to the stress of military life; a blog written by mental health professionals experienced in dealing with veterans and soldiers.
The Department of Veterans Affairs comprehensive Mental Health home page offers articles, resources, information about programs and services and links to a wide range of web sites offering support and encouragement to veterans and their families.
American Academy of Family Physicians provides detailed information about the symptoms, causes and treatment of PTSD.
The Mayo Clinic provides useful information about when to consider psychotherapy and for what conditions it may help.
Click on this link from the American Psychological Association for places to look for help and support to remain resilient during difficult times.
Military One Source is the Defense Department’s primary behavioral health resource for service members and their families.
Click this link provided by that discusses what is counseling, myths about counseling and how it can be used to change your life.
Click on this link provided by Georgia State University that answers “what is counseling?” but also describes what it is not.

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